The Crime of Being Christian? Atheistic State Seizes Theists’ Children

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Barnevernet Photo credit

We are thankful for another accurate post about the Bodnariu family, authored by  Selwyn Duke, on the New American website. It is one of the few websites that is reporting correctly as to what this case was all about from the beginning, [lack of] religious freedom, and the fact that only later, did the Norwegian Child Protection Services, Barnevernet, secretly removed all mention of religious indoctrination and replaced it with charges of violence against the parents of the 5 children who were removed from their home in Norway. Besides the very well researched article on the Bodnariu case, the author also makes some really great points on the matter of Christian radicalization as it relates to Norway and Sweden:

It’s not surprising that a Scandinavian country would consider Christian inculcation as creating a “disability.” The region is notoriously atheistic; in fact, Sweden is one of the world’s…

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