Just be prepare!


You may have noticed intermittent problems with the CitizenGO server over the last few days. Our website was down for about 24 hours (on and off) after we experienced a Denial of Service attack from an extreme pro-LGBT hacker group.

These hackers attacked us because they are furious that CitizenGO (and our Spanish counterpart, HazteOir) would dare speak common sense about the biological reality that boys are boys and girls are girls.

According to the Spanish police, this attack was orchestrated by the well-known hacker group “Anonymous.” The attack was spurred on by a new campaign by the CitizenGO Group, which started last week in Madrid.

On Monday, as part of the campaign, a tour bus drove around Madrid with the inscription: “Boys have penises. Girls have vaginas. Do not be deceived. A boy born a boy is a boy. A girl born a girl is a girl.”

The bus campaign was formulated in response to a pamphlet that was distributed by the pro-transgender organization CHRYSALLIS. The pamphlet shows four naked children holding hands, including a “boy” with female genitalia and a “girl” with male genitalia. Under the drawing of the children is the slogan: “There are girls with penises and boys with vaginas. It’s that simple.”


Simple?! This statement is a denial of biological reality! It is far from “simple.”

The pamphlet campaign was funded by an unknown businessman from New York. A spokeswoman for CHRYSALLIS said that the posters were designed to “raise awareness about transgender children.”

CitizenGO Group launched an informational campaign, which included the bus, to warn against this gender indoctrination that threatens the right of parents to educate their children.

During the first day of the campaign, the bus attracted the anger of extreme leftists. Organizations and individuals began urging Spain’s Attorney General to forcefully stop and censor the CitizenGO bus campaign. The police in Madrid even hijacked the bus without a court order.

Pro-LGBT hackers also took matters into their own hands and decided to illegally stop the campaign by attacking CitizenGO’s server and shutting us down temporarily. (Don’t worry, our database is not affected; your information is secure and has not been compromised).

Here is the message from the hackers…

Translation: “We can not tolerate HazteOir’s [our Spanish counterpart’s] homophobic propaganda. We crashed their site so they can not collect signatures.”

Even Chelsea Clinton joined the attacks…

How should we respond to Clinton and the hackers? Should we give up on our campaign? Should we bow to these attacks on freedom of expression and common sense?

Absolutely not. We will continue fighting for our values, in Spain and around the globe!

We are planning to bring bring these buses to more cities, and we hope to expand the campaign globally.

We already started contacting bus companies in major cities like New York City to find out about prices and logistics for renting a bus.

Here’s a mock-up of the bus we hope to have in these cities soon:

Do you think we should bring these buses to the US?

Will you help us make this campaign a success? We need your help.

Can you make a one-time donation to support this campaign?

Please donate by following this link: https://donate.citizengo.org/en/  Or, if you prefer using paypal, click here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&item_name=Citizengo en&hosted_button_id=WMD8NFT9WKSZY&lc=us

Regardless of whether you can donate, we ask you to please keep CitizenGO and this campaign in your thoughts and prayers.

We will keep you updated as this situation continues to unfold.

Our IT specialists are working around the clock to maintain our servers and repel the attackers, but the attacks are intense and they keep coming. If you note any problems with our page, please be patient and know that we are working hard to keep CitizenGO online.

You can also follow us via our Facebook page for updates.

All the best,

Caroline Craddock and the entire CitizenGO team


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