Nigerian Widow Returns to Her Razed Village to Encourage Other Widows

David Curry, CEO Open Doors USA

I hope you and your family had a meaningful Easter together as you celebrated Christ’s resurrection. This week, I want to introduce you to two women who understand how Jesus’ work on the cross changes lives. Hanatu in Nigeria and Noor in Iraq have courageously returned to their terrorized communities, risking it all to rebuild His church. I hope you’ll share their stories and stand with us this month as we come alongside Christians like Hanatu facing persecution for their faith by Muslim Fulani militant herdsmen.

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New Life: Noor Works to Rebuild a Christian Presence in Iraq

When ISIS overran their town in 2014, Noor and her family had to flee overnight. Before, Qaraqosh was like heaven to her. After ISIS left, it was like “a hell,” she says. But she didn’t give up.

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NoteIf you missed it, you can read about and watch videos of returning Christians’ Holy Week celebration in Iraq on our Facebook page.
The Persecution In Nigeria No One’s Talking About—7 Things To Know

In Northern Nigerian’s Middle Belt area, clashes with Hausa-Fulani Muslim Herdsman militants have claimed thousands of Christian lives as they raze entire villages and brutally kill. But in national news, the violence has gone relatively unreported.

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World Watch Prayer Alert: Maldives #13

In this South Asian island country, Christianity is illegal. And because communities are so tight-knit, any deviation from the norm is quickly noticed and reported to authorities. Because the Maldivian government is currently engaged in a political struggle with opposition forces, any perceived threat (like Christianity) is quickly and harshly eradicated. Learn more about praying for your Maldivian brothers and sisters…

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